SKEAGIS, s.r.o. founded in 2002, offers comprehensive information systems services primarily for agricultural production enterprises. For the needs of primary producers, it has developed the Skeagis agrarian geographic information system, which provides information for operational agricultural production management, enables the processing and use of land registry data, the creation of lease contracts, graphic and textual output for agronomists and business management and compliance with regulatory requirements. Skeagis information system offers basic modules - Land Register, Lease Contracts, Land,  Digital Filing Room and Animals. One of the main advantages of this system is the interconnection between the written and graphical parts and the exact localization of production blocks in the field based on orthophotomap work.

Using our systems, you will be able to monitor machines using satellite monitoring devices and monitor fuel consumption by using a float.

Implementation of our solutions comes with a comprehensive range of services including support for data acquisition and transfer, training, advisory services and consulting, technical and methodological assistance, software upgrades and updates, and other services.

SKEAGIS draws on a wealth of expertise in design and creation of database geographic applications for desktop and server solutions. The basic rule of the company is: "A high quality solution to deliver customer satisfaction in two areas - environmental and agrarian."

Since our foundation in the Slovak market, we have provided SAPARD projects for all pilot areas of the measure 6 - Agri-environmental support (from data processing to the fulfillment of required tables by the SAPARD Agency and printing of maps with applied schemes at a scale of 1: 5000), we have been involved in the Rural Development Plan for measure 5 - Agri-environment and animal welfare (data processing, fulfillment of required PPA tables and map printing in rounds 1, 2 and 3).

Our vision is to maintain our position as a market leader and to expand our range of software and services with our unique know-how. At the same time, we aim to develop the partner training and education services section and acquire more satisfied partners.

Comprehensive range of services

  • we offer prepaid program support (including periodic program updates) in the form of an Annual Support Agreement
  • on-line problem solving - remote administration service, this technology is free of charge and its advantage is simplicity and security at the same time
  • training or service intervention of our technician directly in your company premises
  • development and customization of programs according to customer requirements
  • data processing, data conversion, repair, database completion
  • telephone consultancy and advice
  • measurement of user parcels directly in the field and transferring the data to the program
  • definition of user borders in the field
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Years of experience

We have been operating in the field of specialised development and implementation of software products in the agro sector for almost two decades and we offer software and services that help our partners to fulfill their legislative obligations. We keep track of trends in software development, using and recommending only those tools that are sustainable, ensuring high performance while keeping the software as simple as possible.

We cooperate internally and externally with the most experienced experts in this field. Our company management strategy aims to maintain and strengthen a high level of knowledge and experience in IT and agriculture.

Advantages of cooperation with SKEAGIS, s.r.o.

Years of experience in the field of geographic information systems and database applications.

Skeagis is implemented in over 800 farms - the market leader in the field of geographic information systems.

Personal and qualified assurance of the complete process of project lifecycle, from data acquisition, processing, testing to handover of the whole project.

Long-term cooperation with other entities (MP SR, NPPC, Office of Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre of the Slovak Republic (GCCA SR), PPA, Slovak Land Fund (SPF)).

Annual meeting of Skeagis users with lecturer participation from other organisations and bodies - MP SR, PPA, NPPC, ÚKSUP, SPF, CEHZ.

The information system enables to perform various analyses for the needs of business management decisions.

Implementation of surveyed parcel data by satellite tracking equipment and orthophotomap creation via drones.

Implementation of tracking data with the positioning and orthophotomap system (LPIS).

Possibility of solving problems on-line - remote administration service. This technology is free of charge and its advantage is simplicity and security at the same time.

The system is open in terms of entering new data based on access rights.

Easy data updates via dialog boxes.

User training, customer service.

Remote management

Possibility to solve problems on-line - remote control service. This technology is free and its advantage is its simplicity and security at the same time. After necessary information has been shared (ID and code), the technician connects to the partner's computer remotely and removes the issue while the partner is watching the ongoing action on their monitor. There is also a possibility of parallel telephone conversation.

  • Minimisation of service intervention start time
  • Service cost saving
  • Cost saving thanks to minimisation of downtime
  • Remote control saves our time and your money
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