Agrarian Geographic Information System Skeagis provides information for operational management of agricultural production, enables processing and use of data on objects on the Earth's surface.

SKEAGIS offers five basic modules: Land Cadastre, Lease Contracts, Land, Digital Filing Room and Animals and additional modules, including GNSS Extension Module. The advantage of this system is the interconnection between the written and graphical parts and the exact localisation of production blocks in the field based on orthophotomap work.

SKEAGIS modules

Land Register

Geodetic and cadastral data are an essential element for obtaining information through the Land Cadastre module.

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Lease Contracts

The Lease Contracts module provides the user with a comprehensive management of lease contracts in accordance with Act no. 504/2003 Z.z. for land with a connection to the map and production blocks.

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The module provides an overview of the current cultivated area and agricultural parcels based on the actual state of agricultural parcels.

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Digital Filing Room

The Digital Filing Room module allows drawing of common and internal borders on LPIS blocks, checking of areas and mutual agreement of the drawn borders by all stakeholders.

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The module concentrates the records of all available data on animals within the holding in one place and links the records of reproduction kept on the farm with the status change report on the CEHZ.

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Registry of the Shareholders of the Farm

The option of a separate and comprehensive registration of the cooperative's shareholders was added to the Lease Contracts module.

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Holding Solution

The Skeagis software solution offers the ability to manage multiple businesses from a single centre, and see the information individually as well as summarily.

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External economic software

Skeagis software cooperates with most economic software in Slovakia. Inputs and outputs can be transmitted in both directions.

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GNSS Add-on Module using GPS and GLONASS

Skeagis provides customers with the ability to monitor machines using GNSS equipment, even at locations and times when the presence of a company employee is not possible. Increasing productivity and efficiency is a benefit.

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Subscription program support, remote administration, training or service intervention by our technician are just some of the services of SKEAGIS s.r.o. offers to our partners.

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