In accordance with EU Regulation No. 1306/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the financing, management and monitoring of the common agricultural policy, the Slovak Republic has committed to accept applications for direct payments as per the Article 17 (1). 4 of the implemented Commission Regulation (EU) 809/2014 electronically. For applicants, the Geospatial Application for Support - GSAA - is published on the MP SR web portal.

Based on this new legislation, SKEAGIS, s.r.o. has developed the Digital Filing Room module that allows drawing of common and internal borders on LPIS blocks, control of different areas and mutual reconciliation of the drawn borders by all stakeholders in the comfort of the workplace using their computers, and the subsequent transmission of data to GSAA.

The Digital Filing Roon allows:

  • getting up-to-date LPIS with online integration into the WFS interface
  • drawing of common borders together with neighbors, their control and approval
  • drawing boundaries delimiting unused areas
  • drawing borders between different crops
  • automatic generation of a layer of cultural assets and parcels
  • interconnection of plotted areas with the written part of agronomic records
  • development of crop rotation schemes and cropping plans
  • complete preparation of and application for direct support applications in Skeagis
  • submission of a graphical attachment to the Direct Support Application directly from Skeagis
  • review of cultural assets drawn and reporting errors via email and SMS, even after submitting applications
  • strongly staffed hotline during the campaign, available beyond standard working hours, on weekends and public holidays
  • zakresľovanie plôch „malých susedov“ – možnosť zaslať do aplikácie GSAA len hranice malého suseda alebo kompletnú Žiadosť o priame podpory
Digitálna Podateľňa - Malý Sused | SKEAGIS s.r.o.
  • in 2017, 417 applications were sent to the GSAA, representing 484,000 ha
  • in 2018, 619 applications were sent to the GSAA, representing 548,000 ha
  • in 2019, 747 applications were sent to the GSAA, representing 544,000 ha
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