The module gathers the records of all available data on animals on the holding in one place and links the records of reproduction kept on the farm with the status change report within the CEHZ. The changes are further updated immediately in the turnover list, which is automatically generated based on these changes. The Animals module also allows you to prepare documents for payment requests.

The module incorporates various print sets and functions that facilitate and control work in compliance with laws, regulations, or by the insurance of effective farming.

Allowing control of:

  • CEHZ reporting deadlines
  • the status of animals in CEHZ and IRCH
  • inclusion of the animal in the aid application
  • DJ loads in the reference period
  • protective treatment time
  • reassignment to another age category
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Individual breeding register

The module is interconnected with the CEHZ and its function is to provide a uniform identification base for each animal based on their ear tags for the rest of the modules in the program. It is possible to generate reports in the prescribed form for the CEHZ in electronic form or by post.

This module allows you to:

  • keep an individual register of cattle, sheep and goat breeding on several farms and its electronic upload
  • report to the central livestock register in electronic and printed form
  • create correction reports automatically based on corrections in an individual livestock register
  • backdate reporting on previous period
  • link to the CEHZ on-line (Farmer's approach) and then compare the farm animal status in the IRCH (reality) with the CEHZ register
  • update of codebooks and farms from the CEHZ database
  • statistical and summarised data from IRCH based to selected criteria
  • rýchla príprava podkladov pre žiadosti o podpory
  • display notifications that the animal is included in the funding application
  • create statistical reports for the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic
  • back up individual registry data

Herd management

The module allows you to lead and manage animal reproduction, animal treatment and milk yield monitoring with a link to PLIS and the milking parlor software for daytime monitoring. Changes that are reported to the CEHZ are automatically generated to the IRCH and, after inspection, to the CEHZ.

Module offers:

  • herd overview by filters, current animal information, overview reports
  • a list of activities to be performed on a group of animals on a given day
  • summary, analysis, statistical indicators
  • animal health card - treatment information
  • entering of feeds and transfers to the CEHZ
  • collection of milking data from the milking parlor software
  • evidence of hoof care
  • performance check - PLIS information
  • reproduction data
  • synchronisation of the mating season
  • individual entry of animal weight
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Animal log

The animal log records all increments and decreases of the herd according to eartags with a summary document - the turnover list for posting to ESW. The animal log data is generated automatically by entrance in the Herd Management module or by moving to a higher accounting category.


Using the program, you are able to prepare a payment request by simply selecting an animal from the current list. Animals no longer registered on the holding shall be automatically removed from the list. The program shall prepare the application in the format required by the Agricultural Paying Agency. When the animal is moved, the program automatically notifies that the animal is included in the measure and offers a list of non-replaced animals as well as animals that can be used as a substitute for the specific measure.

The module allows the printing of:

  • payment for coupled direct payments
  • measures of animal welfare
  • complementary national livestock payment
  • agroenvironmental-climate measure: operation to breed and maintain endangered animal species
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