The Lease Agreements module allows comprehensive management of the lease contracts agenda, from the creation of a lease according to the user's requirements, printing of the lease together with the annex to the payment of rent for the lease of land and its archiving in the event of termination of the lease.

The lease agreement is generated by covering the cadastral map with an LPIS layer, a layer of crop parcels or any layer drawn by the user. After entering the rent amount, either a single amount per hectare, by land type, or through a price map, the program will create a list of landowners with a list of land plots to be leased and the calculated rent amount for each owner. The user can print the lease individually or in bulk for all owners.

Outputs from the lease agreement module:

  • list of all landlords
  • area of leased land in total and by cadastral territories
  • total rentals and the amount of rent already paid
  • percentage of signed contracts on E, C plot
  • area of contracted and actually used land
  • area of land owned by the SR and in the SPF report - on contracts ending on the selected date

Rent payments

An inseparable part of the management of lease contracts is the precise management of the payment of rent for rented land. The program provides information on the prescribed rents for each landowner. 

By entering the rent amount individually or in bulk, the program generates:

  •  issued postal vouchers
  • cash receipts
  •  inventory expenses
  • electronic files for sending rent payments by post or internet banking

At any time, the user has information about the rent already paid, or the amount of rent that has to be paid, either to the owner or to the whole enterprise. 

Modul Nájomné | Skeagis

Slovak Land Fund (SPF)

The area of farmed land owned by the State or managed by the SPF often constitutes a substantial part of the total area of the holding. It is therefore important to have a properly concluded lease agreement with the organization. Although the draft lease agreement is being prepared by SPF, it is the responsibility of the farm to thoroughly check the parcels covered by the agreement. Thanks to the Skeagis program, the user can visualise the parcels on the map, cover them with a layer of used land and decide which parcels should be excluded from his rent and, on the other hand, supplement those that are managed by him or herself.

The company is obliged to take stock of unknown owners once a year. The program offers a print report that monitors the area of unknown owners as of 15.10. of the current year and the previous year, highlighting the changes.

Real estate tax and local tax return

One of the outputs from the lease agreement module is also the possibility of printing a tax return for real estate tax and local taxes. Due to the different requirements for the subject of real estate tax by municipal and municipal authorities, the program allows to create these documents according to different user assignments, whether on the basis of C or E parcels used by the enterprise or only on the part of the parcel actually used by the enterprise. The user can also decide whether to include only those parcels for which he has already signed lease agreements or even parcels not yet included in the signed lease agreements in the tax return.

Lease contracts

In the event that an agricultural entity becomes obliged under § 12 a) and 12b) of Act No. 504/2003 Coll. it is possible to keep a record of sublease contracts with the landowner in the Skeagis program.

The module allows the following:

  • to determine the availability of the plots to be subleased:

 - are the parcels part of the lease agreement by the company / does the company own the parcels?

 – dokedy trvá nájomná zmluva?

 - has the farm got the right to dispose of the land?

  •  zaevidovať parcely vlastníka, za ktoré vzniká podnájomný vzťah
  • to register parcels on which a sublease relationship arises:

– zakresliť umiestnenie pozemku, na ktorom vzniká podnájomný vzťah na mape

– program automaticky vygeneruje zoznam parciel pod zakresleným územím

  • create a sublease contract and a distribution plan for the district office:

– tlač podnájomnej zmluvy s prílohou

– export rozdeľovacieho plánu  vo formáte .xls

Vydaná Pôda | SKEAGIS s.r.o

Decree 172/2018 Coll. Laying down details on the manner and extent of keeping and providing records and determining the usual amount of rent

Amendment to Act No. 504/2003 Coll. entailed an obligation for farmers to keep records of land owned and rented by landlords and land type, as well as the obligation to keep data on agreed and paid rents. Details of the manner and extent of keeping this data are determined by the above-mentioned decree, which entered into force on 1 May 2018. The program complies with this decree all necessary annexes that the entity is obliged to submit as of 31.1. district office and, on request, employees of the Agricultural Payment Agency.

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