The lease contracts module has been supplemented with the possibility of a separate and comprehensive registry of the farm’s shareholders, for whom the lease payments are often handled in a different way to the usual land lease holders. A separate window allows you to set columns according to the user's needs, assign custom names and set formulas to calculate the lease exactly to the needs of a particular business.

The module allows the following:

  • maintenance of a clear list of unit holders with a direct link to existing leases (only if the unit holder is also the owner of the land)
  • classification of shareholders into arbitrary categories (employee, pensioner)
  • calculation of the amount of rent paid (in money and in goods) according to several monitored attributes (amount of share, area of rented land, classification into a specified category, etc.)
  • printing in the form of flexible print reports that allow the selection of specific information and the combination of displayed columns according to the user's needs
  • export of recorded data to Excel for further processing
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