Satellite Monitoring Device (SMD or GNSS)

To improve the accuracy of positioning devices, several systems are currently being used, commonly referred to as the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). Worth mentioning are the American GPS, Russian GLONASS, Chinese BEIDOU-3, Indian IRNSS. Our supported devices currently use GPS and GLONASS.

The deployment of monitoring devices has the benefit of increasing work efficiency by eliminating unproductive downtime, enabling the creation of in-house standards, and creating the prerequisites for optimising the use of the fleet. Monitoring of fuel can evaluate the efficiency of machines for individual operations and fight against unwanted fuel losses. The module also brings the possibility of control of performed activities in places and at a time when the presence of a company employee is not possible. Data from these devices can be directly transferred to agronomic records and can be used as a basis for invoicing services to third parties. It is possible to set up e-mail and sms notifications for selected parameters entered by the user (leaving the assigned area, longer stops with the engine started, sharp drop in fuel, exceeded speed limit..). All access to information from monitoring devices is protected by passwords.

Machine location monitoring:

  • online location tracking
  • an overview of the movement of machines backwards on individual days
  • an overview of the area and cultural site where the machine was located, with the possibility of displaying information on the map
  • information on the stopping time of machines with the possibility of identifying a stop with the engine switched off or on


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Monitoring of machine operation and operation:

  • use of the identification card and the input keypad to accurately identify the machine operator and the operation performed
  • control of actually performed and recorded work
  • the amount of work done in hours or hectares


Fuel Control:

  • fuel monitoring with float - accuracy 15-20l
  • fuel monitoring with flowmeters - accuracy 2-4%
  • evaluation of fuel consumption for specific machines and performed agrotechnical activities
  • an overview of fuel usage
  • information on machine coming to a stop and fuel consumption when engine is running


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Get comprehensive information:

  • RFID identification
  • spot where the machine was located - identification of the location on the cultural work, on the area
  • what activity the machine operator performed - control of actually performed and recorded work
  • for the determination of specific consumption, previously determined in the table of standardised consumption - evaluation of consumption for specific mechanisms with appropriate sets of equipment for performed agrotechnical activities on the agricultural plot by a specific driver
  • documents for the creation of employees' wages

Tracking via:

  • Web application  - an online interface where on the basis of Google Maps in real time but also historically for the selected time period, the user has the opportunity to get information about machines. The web application is available on any computer, tablet, mobile phone that has Internet access, and a web browser installed. The web application provides basic information, location, route, machine speed, engine on / off, and is available for virtually anywhere, making it an excellent tool for operational decision-making and planning and for control activities. You can print a logbook for the selected time period from the web application.
  • GNSS Add-on Module is part of the Skeagis agronomical inventory, providing a comprehensive overview of the machines. The information is displayed in a separate tab of the Land - Agronomic Records module, linked to individual parcels. Another benefit is the “pre-filling” of agrotechnical activities, where the agronomist can transfer the activity assigned by the machine operator directly to the agronomic records.
  • Satellite Monitoring Device in Mobile - SMD in Mobile - provides an operational overview of the location and movement of machines on mobile phones with Android OS, which displays the current location of machines, their speed, the route travelled on the map base of their own cultural works and parcels. Internet access is required for proper operation.
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